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* Make your event the benchmark in your industry!

We create "tailor-made" digital solutions to deliver a unique service to exhibitors, experts and visitors

We create "tailor-made" digital solutions to deliver a unique service to exhibitors, experts and visitors

Professional site to win B2B / B2C customers

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Denver (USA, CO 80202)   +00 1 (720) 689-3528

Gain new customers with a real "Lead generation" site

It is not normal that your legitimacy
is questioned at each edition!

"Undecided exhibitors"
"Complex organization"
"Financial risks"
"Undecided exhibitors"
"Undecided exhibitors"
"Financial risks"

Retain your audiences and maximize your requests to participate

But how can you do more ...?

But how can you do more ...?

Tailor-made development or customization of an existing solution

Tailor-made development or customization of an existing solution

An "Efficient" site

Be visible on Google and offer a unique experience to your customers

efficient website

67.5% of users are mobile Internet users.

To be effective, your site must be visible on the right Google keywords, fast and perfectly usable on a smartphone.

Discover our latest missions

Lead Generation

Messages with meaning

Clear messages that answer your visitors’ problems!

Website - useful content

Our brains are programmed to respond to messages that allow us to:

  • Survive and thrive
  • Minimize efforts

… delivering your messages in the form of a story is the way that allows us to give them meaning!

Un "Aimant à prospects"

Affirm your expertise and
gain your prospect’s email

Site internet - Lead magnet

A lead magnet is valuable digital content that you offer in exchange for your prospects’ email.
It could be a white paper, a study, a webinar, a template.

It allows you to base your expertise on a “subject” and register your prospects in your automated prospecting process.

Automated prospecting

Build trust and win business!

Site internet - campagne d'emailing

We automate your customer relationship to attract, engage and convert visitors into customers !

  • Ripening campaign :
    Email series to build trust with your business
  • Sales campaign :
    Series of emails to present your offers
  • LinkedIn prospection :
    LinkedIn action series to identify and engage targeted contacts

Hall / Virtual Event

Promote your event with a Mix or 100% virtual offer

Your visitors cannot travel for budgetary reasons or for a global pandemic. The VIRTUAL HALL is your plan B for :

  • Have a high-performance dematerialized offer
  • create an active community between 2 events
  • Keep your databases up to date
efficient website
Website - useful content

"Official" website and mobile app

Attract, inform, accredit and guide

pillar of your communication, its applications allow you to inform your various stakeholders


    • Make a success of your participation BEFORE, DURING and AFTER
    • Estimate your participation

Visitorat :

    • “Convince your boss! ”
    • “Business meeting” connection
    • Estimate your participation
    • Chatbot 24/7 support

"Exhibitor" area

Affirm your expertise and
gain your prospect’s email

24/7 customer service

  • Request to participate
  • Badge order,
  • Technical and marketing service
  • FAQ and hotline
Site internet - Lead magnet
Site internet - campagne d'emailing

Catalog & interactive map

Maximize the connection between exhibitors and visitors

By drafting the sheets and information exhibiting this module allows the information to be published in :

  • InDesign for its automated paper edition
  • Electronic catalog with interactive map (site & App)
  • Visitor information terminals

DUNE Care ®
the extra service !

DUNE Care ®, the extra service !

To develop your business on the internet, your site must always be on top.However, its update is time consuming. It is difficult to publicize your content, the change is technical …


With Dune Care ®, you send your requests directly from the “Support” section of your site, and we respond within 24 hours as part of an annual maintenance contract.

Whatever your need :

our latest missions

Lead Generation

Discover our latest missions

Lead Generation

Our best advertisement ... their success!

Our best publicity ... your success!

‘‘ Dune-i is clearly one of the most valuable partners I have had. I particularly appreciated their effectiveness on the digital customer experience. ’’

Christelle DHRIF – Marketing Director


stephane joseph

‘‘ Dune-i or the art of listening, synthesis, efficiency, popularization for those uninitiated to the web, clear and effective answers to the problems posed. ’’

Stéphane JOSEPH – Communication Dir.


Offer to your exhibitors
our free guide !

Offer your exhibitors our free guide !

Convinced !

Claim your free 30 min
consulting services

Your new site within 4 weeks !



your consulting appointment



your digital strategy



and convert customers

We know that with each new edition you are playing your turnover.

At DUNE INTERACTIVE we know that you want to be recognized as the benchmark trade fair in your system echo.

For this purpose, you need to convince the best experts, exhibitors and media to sign up!

The problem is to find a way to differentiate yourself from competition and that puts you under pressure!
Moreover, it is not normal that your legitimacy is regularly called into question!
We also know that with each new edition you play your number of business.
This is why we have been supporting the biggest events since 1998 by providing “tailor-made” digital solutions to attract and convince each target!

Here is how we do it:
1. Plan your consulting meeting
2. Receive your “Digital Strategy”
3. Fill out your event

Plan your 30 min of free consulting now! At the same time, you can share with your exhibitors our free guide “Communication plan to attract as many visitors as possible”

So you can avoid seeing them choose another event and maximize your participation requests!

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Prestations à réaliserPlateforme
de 150 € à / 300 € par an
A partir de 1 500 €
Web Agency
A partir de 8 500 €
Agence de communication
Sur devis
Stratégie E-Marketing
Gestion de projet
Conseils E-marketing
Story Branding des pages Personas
Creation d'un concept de differenciation
Analyse des sites concurrents5 concurrents max.
Arborescence du siteTemplate
Conception graphique & Technique
Charte graphiqueTemplateTemplate standardCréation graphique
(3 révisions max.)
Création graphique
(NB de révision illimitée)
Responsive designFonction du templateFonction du template
Installation du CMSMutualisé
Visibilité GOOGLE & Tunnel de conversion
Optimisation SEO (10 points)A la demande
URL personnaliséeA la demande
Redirection de vos anciennes URL
Liens vers mes réseaux sociaux
Bouton de partage "Résaux sociaux"
Tunnel de conversion
Campagne de MûrissementOFFRE PREMIUM
Campagne de VenteOFFRE PREMIUM
Contenus & Fonctionnalités
Rédaction de messageA la demande
Création de contenu
Lead Magnet
Intégration de vos contenus
Cooconing sémantiqueA la demandeA la demande
Fonctionnalités (Dev. PHP..NET)
Paramètrage des extensions (TOP 30)Limité à la plateformeA la demande (Hors license)A la demande
Espace client "Sécurisé"A la demande
Best practices du web (20 points)
HébergementCloud "Mutualisé" Cloud ou Serveur
"Mutualisé" ou "Dédié"
 Cloud ou Serveur
"Mutualisé" ou "Dédié"
 Cloud ou Serveur
"Mutualisé" ou "Dédié"
Mise en conformité RGPD
Certificat SSLA la demandeA la demande
10 points de contrôleLimité à la plateforme
Plan de taggage
ReportingSolution propriétaireGoogle AnalyticsReporting sur-mesures
(Google Analytics + GTM)
Reporting sur-mesures
(Google Analytics + GTM)
FormationTutoriel en ligne1/2 journée incluse-
Assistance par emailIllimitéGénéralement les 1-2 moisIllimité1 an
Assistance téléphoniqueRarementAu débutDUNE Care1 an
Code sources & BackUpA la demande
Maintenance et accompagnement dans le tempsDUNE Care